The age of the Producer/DJ is upon us, there is no denying that. It is incredibly easy to get lost in the ever growing roster of hopefuls overpopulating our news feeds nowadays, but there are a chosen few who shine through.nEnter the Bahour brothers, or as you’ve most certainly seen them, Contrvbvnd. These San Diego natives have been putting the work in day in and day out to make their rise to power nothing less than meteoric. Alaa(25) & Omar(22) have made it their sole purpose in life to create, from the ground up, dance music that moves you to the very core. ?Fuck Genres? has been there moto since they started producing and something they have stuck too, no genre is safe from these banger busting brothers set on world domination. They first started producing after EDC Las Vegas 2011 when their creative spirit was given new life through a Skrillex set that changed them forever. This new attitude brought along with it a hunger to be staples in the festival circuit, make and play original content, and travel the world spreading their music and message. In the last year they have been crossing accomplishments off their lists left and right. With the release of “Click” The duo saw and immediate increase in hype. The track was a collaboration with Haterade, released by Elysian Records, and premiered on the EDM Network. One could say it was the start of it all. With multiple original tracks, collaborations, and remixes coming out every couple of weeks they have seen a fan base grow right in front of their eyes, gaining 14,000 Soundcloud followers in only a year. With countless hometown bookings under their belt, they’ve recently left the state and have begun touring more and more. The future is as bright as the sun in San Diego for these up and comers, and you should consider yourself lucky to bear witness.nContrvbvnd coming to an event near you…nSooner than you even realizen